by Whale Hum

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released July 15, 2014

Written and recorded by Kerstin Wilson.




Whale Hum Nova Scotia

Born and raised in rural New Brunswick, Kerstin Wilson now calls Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley home. Whale Hum is an effort to integrate song-writing and recording into everyday life. Recorded in old houses in older villages, it reflects and evokes the warmth and quiet dreaminess of cold winter nights, walks in the woods and afternoons spent by the river. ... more

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Track Name: Snow Whispers
underneath the naked poplar trees
the snow whispers cold memories
oh i’ve tried to wait
but it’s not easy as of late
what’s wrong with that

you fell hard and i fell fast
you heard thunder; i felt the blast
and oh i’ve stayed for some time
but it’s not easy to draw the line
what’s wrong with that

i stopped to revel in the sound
of the laughter underground
our echoes filled abandoned mines
along the way i fell behind
what’s wrong with that
Track Name: Cedar Lane
we are here today
the fog is lifting
this is just dying
the way others see it

isn’t it nice
strange not to have noticed
we go again
down cedar lane
Track Name: These Old Songs
if i wake up
wherever it is that i wake up
it’s alright

because it’s not my dream
but it’s a dream
i can see through

i guess these old songs
have found a home

these old songs
i guess they’ve found a home